A Guide To Starting a Cruelty-free Beauty Routine

A Guide To Starting a Cruelty-free Beauty Routine

Here you see a guide to starting a cruelty-free beauty routine If you’ve decided to go vegan in your beauty products; good! But; you might be unsure of what to do. Some brands may be uncertain regarding their labels and it’s hard to be able to determine if they’re non-animal. But; spending just five minutes of research can assist you in determining whether any brand has hurt animals in the production process. Certain brands like Jennifer Bradley cruelty-free makeup are transparent about their practices. However; for other brands you will encounter; following are the things to look out for:

Free of any kind of cruelty

It is normal for businesses to feature bunnies as logos. You likely see this everywhere nowadays. It is not every business that finds it necessary to declare that they are animal-free when they design their products. Some companies choose not to use the logo that says cruelty-free. With brands like Jennifer Bradley cruelty-free makeup; you’ll have a less difficult time as they specifically declare that they are. However; with other brands you should study their policy regarding animal testing.

These are some common vegan logos:

Leaping Bunny

Leaping Bunny is one of the most renowned cruelty-free groups worldwide with hundreds of businesses that carry their logo. They’re fairly straightforward in their guidelines. To obtain the Leaping Bunny certification; companies must prove that their ingredients have not been tested on animals or obtained from animals. In addition; Leaping Bunny doesn’t certify businesses that sell products in countries where testing on animals is required by the law. Leaping Bunny also requires companies to renew their accreditation to maintain their cruelty-free status.


Peta is a household name worldwide. It is among the biggest animal rights organizations worldwide. Its cruelty-free symbol is recognized and they’ve accredited hundreds of companies. To be eligible for the Peta logo that is cruelty-free companies must fill out an uncomplicated questionnaire; and then make a declaration of confidence that confirms they don’t conduct or commission testing on animals. The formulations and ingredients they use should be free of cruelty now and in the near future.

Choose Cruelty-free

This non-profit organization is situated in Australia. It is the most rigorous of the three. Due to this; they only have certified less then 300 companies. They have the same requirements as Leaping Bunny taken a step higher. If a brand is part of an enormous firm; it’s an affiliate of the parent company. Urban decay is an instance of this. It’s controlled by a bigger company; L’Oreal.

The two brands Leaping Bunny and Peta do not require the parent company to comply with the standards of cruelty-free. However; Choose Cruelty Free does require it.

Search for ingredients derived from animals

There are most likely to be many animal-derived ingredients to look for on beauty product labels. Here are a few of the most commonly used ones:


Beeswax is frequently used as a balm to the area of the face. It’s also referred to by the name Cora Alba; so make sure you look out for the label. A further important point is that the synthetic beeswax isn’t transparent because it usually contains Lanolin; an animal-derived component. It might also contain trace amounts real beeswax.


Carmine is a bit gross. The majority of eye shadows; blushes and lipstick tints acquire their color from Carmine. The process of getting Carmine is to crush and boil beetles in order to extract the ingredients which make them red.


This is a well-known ingredient in skin care products that originates from sheep’s sebum. Sebum’s components keep the wool of sheep well-hydrated. It’s a waxy oily; and greasy substance; and the beauty industry generally employs it to moisturize.


Similar to Carmine The source of shellac is bugs. It is used in lacquers used for products for hair and nails.

You’d like to look attractive without having to feel guilty. The good news is that going cruelty-free is easy due to the global movement for the protection of animals have been growing in recent time. Numerous brands have changed the way they design their products and it is important to be aware of the things to be looking for

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