Living On Your Own Making Your Bachelor Pad Your Best Home

Living On Your Own Making Your Bachelor Pad Your Best Home

Living on your own making your bachelor pad your best Home.Having an engaging personality is great, but if you really want to impress friends, family, and coworkers, having a great space is the way to go. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend your savings on interior design so keep three things in mind when decorating: modern design trends, personality, and organization. With these tips, you can turn any space into the ultimate bachelor bad.

Keep it Tidy

It doesn’t really matter how nice your home is if it’s dirt or messy. Even if the place looks like a showroom; gross smells create an urgency to leave the space immediately. If you can’t keep your place clean on your own; hire a cleaner to come in weekly. Also; be sure to hide your cables. Although the tech-friendly world seems to require hundreds of cables; use an organization to keep them neat and hidden away.

Use Containers and Doors

If you’ve got a lot of things to bring or have a hard time keeping your shelves organize; then buy containers to help you with storage or even put doors on the shelves. Sure; it may be great that you have such a variety of things to enjoy;but maybe you don’t need to display it all. Keep your space looking both tidy and well-decorate by using storage wisely. Not only will the space look better; it will also make sure that your home reflects your grown-up version.

Buy a Sofa

If you don’t have one already; then it’s about time you got one. Futons may be fun to have; but they’re not design for adult space. So; the best strategy to make your new place look like it’s not just your dorm room is by getting rid of the futon. If you decide that you need a bed for friends who visit; then get either a sleeper sofa or an air mattress.

Mix Highs and Lows

It’s perfectly fine to shop at your local IKEA but you may not want to buy everything there. And; always keep away from the college section. When you shop at that or a similar store; pick out the higher quality items that look like they appear in a home and not a dorm. Also; having one or two splurge pieces that are very nice like a leather chair can really bring a room together; so play around with the decorating styles.

Finally; no matter how you decorate; make sure to showcase your personal style. The key to remember is that your bachelor pad shouldn’t reveal everything about yourself in the first look. For example; don’t fill your space with geeky memorabilia; but instead use accents to show your personal style and taste. Highlighting your passions is important; but doesn’t have to be the main event. If you’re unsure of how to decorate your space; start minimally and then work from there. It’s much easier to add in accents or pieces than take them away so when you’re decorating; keep these tips and strategies in mind for a great space.also read: Grover Zampa Vineyards

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