The Quickest Ways to Cure a Broken Heart

The Quickest Ways to Cure a Broken Heart

The quickest ways to cure a broken heart.You just got your heart crushed into a million pieces by your boyfriend and at this very moment you cannot ever imagine being able to get over this. Every woman has dealt with a broken heart at some point in her life. They all thought they wouldn’t get over it, but they did. You can get to a point where your ex becomes a punch line instead of the reason behind your tears. Before you get there, try these tips to nurse your aching heart.

Make time for mourning

Cry your heart out and dive into that messy puddle of tears. Let it all loose and express your emotions instead of bottling them in. You need to find a way to let out all the anger and resentment you now have against that heartbreaker. Cry until you have no more tears to give him.

Turn up the radio

Music releases endorphins, which are referred to as ‘the feel good hormone’. Don’t crank up music in the line of Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton. Instead, dance along to Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey. Listen to music that has always made you feel good to lighten your mood and make you do something else other than lying in bed.

Cut all communication

You need to defriend your ex on Facebook and unfollow him on Twitter and Instagram. There is nothing you will gain from seeing what he is up to. Instead, you will only end you with a greater source of pain when you see how happy he is in his pictures. Don’t dare text him or call him during this time. This will make you look bad to him and you cannot let him get the satisfaction of seeing how depressed you are without him.

Avoid anywhere you may bump into him

Imagine a scenario where you see him at the mall when you had just started to forget him. If he has a pretty young thing with him the situation may be awkward and incredibly painful. Make sure you avoid anywhere you are likely to bump into him during this time. There is truth in the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind.

Do something spontaneous

Nothing says spontaneous like walking into an airport and buying a ticket for the next flight out. Do something you would never have imagined yourself doing during this time. The more exhilarating it is, the better. Go bungee jumping, jump off a plane, party with strangers or go to a different city for a day. These activities take your attention off your ex and will help you feel more alive. You may realize how important it is to live in the present when you jump off a plane and your parachute just won’t open.

Spend time with your friends

Call up your close friends and invite them to your place or visit any of your closest friends and spend time with them. These lovely ladies will listen to you, cry with you and laugh at you. By the time all of you have had a couple of Cosmos, you will all be laughing at how much time you wasted with your ex and how better off you are now without him.

These tips will help you heal your broken heart quick. Remember to love yourself during this time and try and be happy. Surround yourself with people at all time so that you can feel love, warmth and happiness. The more love you feel the sooner you become able to get over him. 

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