Truth Lies And Alzheimer’s It’s Secret Faces

Truth Lies And Alzheimer’s It’s Secret Faces

Review: Truth Lies And Alzheimer’s It’s Secret Faces

In this article; review to Truth Lies And Alzheimer’s It’s Secret Faces. I am aware of how hard it can be to contemplate the idea of putting your love one who has dementia in a nursing home. I was able to help my grandmother be place in a care facility of health when she was able to no longer take care of herself. As a consultant for behavioral issues; I’ve assist many families to make the decision. Many have ask me straight whether I believe that they had abandone their parents. Others didn’t need to ask me – I could tell that they were suffering from extreme worry and guilt.


With more than 25 years of helping families with dementia and Alzheimer’s What I’ve learn about certain things: Putting your love family member in a safe environment could mean the difference between having a poor quality of life and a higher level of living. Brain disease sufferers require stimulation; and they require to be look after by experts who are educate and equip to deal with the symptoms of the illness.


I saw how much the right environment is important to my client name Sam. Sam is in the mid to late stages of dementia and was within an assist living center. These facilities are not specifically design for those in the middle or the later stage of Alzheimer’s. There are special memory care units design  for those suffering from dementia; however; Sam wasn’t in one of them. He was living in normal assist living.


Sam start to pull away during the time in the facility. He had stop showing interest in any facilities activities. He would not go to the communal dining room for meals and the staff brought the meals to his rooms. He eventually stop talking and require assistance to walk.


A good friend of mine had just inaugurate a new memory care section at the facility. She accompany some residents to determine whether they were suitable for memory care. As she went to check on Sam and found him lying in the position of a fetal mattress. Sam hadn’t spoken for one year.


My friend recommend to the director of operations that Sam be transferred to the new wing for memory care. She had specific dementia programs that she believe could aid in his recovery.


It turn out that the caregivers at the facility had mistaken Sam’s withdrawal from social activities as cognitive decline. He had

He was withdrawn from social life because he receive no stimulation, and the staff was always there to help the patient. They believe that he was cognitively impair than he was actually.


My friend transfer Sam into the new building, and then began the process of putting him into dementia care. As she knew Sam was a World War II vet; and also a performer at the time; she urge him to attend music concerts in the facility every week. In the course of his stay in the memory care wing; there was a man in the crowd; listening to the music of his generation. A song called Auld Lang Syne was playing. He appear to be engaged but didn’t say anything. At this point; he was silent for over one year. Then suddenly he began to sing along. The tune really hit home for him. It brought back memories.


After six months of being move to the new wing for memory care; Sam starts walking and talking again. It was like a blessing to witness him grow in as he did and that was because the people he was in contact with had been trained in dementia care.


To be crystal clear; Sam’s Alzheimer’s didn’t go away. The process of degenerative and progressive dementia is long-lasting the person suffering from it may require all-encompassing care. However; you can help people to lead an enhance life. Sam was able to improve his condition due to the fact that he was in a setting that was suite to his condition.


If someone wants to take care of their parent or family members from home; I’m an advocate. However; I advise families to not make a choice in fear or guilt. They’ll need the appropriate equipment and skills because it’s likely to be the most challenging job they’ve face. If they’re prepare; it could be a win-win for both sides.

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